Our Curriculum Model Rationale and Entitlement

Our curriculum reflects the ambitious intentions of the National Curriculum. Students begin their secondary experience studying a rich programme of English, maths, science, geography, history, one or two modern foreign languages, physical education, computer science, religious education and citizenship studied through our RE/Life programme and a range of expressive arts including art, music, drama or dance and technology subjects such as food, textiles, resistant materials etc.

Students study a broad range of subjects and learning opportunities to deepen their educational experience and build a solid foundation of subject knowledge and skills. Academic & technical study at Level 1 / Level 2 (including GCSE) are studied across two years offering a wide entitlement to subjects including those which make up the Full English Baccalaureate* i.e. GCSE in one English (Literature or English Language), mathematics, two sciences (including computer science), one humanities subject (geography or history) and a modern foreign language. There is opportunity to study triple or combined sciences and a wide selection of open subjects are offered including a range of expressive arts subjects, religious education, technology subjects, physical education, social sciences including Business Studies etc. We design time and flexibility for large numbers of students to choose creative subjects for study up to 16 years old. Opportunity is also constructed to facilitate additional English and Maths study for those students who require this support.

* To achieve the Full English Baccalaureate students must achieve a Grade 5 in each of these subjects.

2020/2021Curriculum Adjustments
Year 8Guided pathways option choices will no longer be made in Year 8. All Year 8 students will study their future GCSE and Level 1 & 2 courses across Year 10 and 11 with final public examination at the end of Year 11.
Year 9Students will follow their planned timetable as staffing is in place for the subject guided pathways selected in Year 8. Subjects across Year 9 will now focus on catch up, intervention and preparation. GCSE and Level 1 & 2 course study will now start in Year 10 with certification in Year 11.
Year 10Students will continue the courses that were interrupted early in Year 9. Course programmes of study will be reviewed and studied for examination in Year 11. For some courses a further review will be made in November 2020. Any units that were certificated under the non-examined arrangements of summer 2019 will be reviewed and where necessary new units will be studied.
Year 11Students will continue their studies towards their examinations in the summer.